Best Free Movie WebSites To Stream Movies In 2017

Free Movie WebSites: Watching movies either in theater/ on PC/ on Android devices gives great entertainment to movie lovers. But when you have the websites that allow you to enjoy watching latest movies sitting at your home, you will surely love it. There pretty cool websites that can provide you the latest stuff for free. People might be missing all the latest movies as they are not much aware of Free Movie Web sites. I have listed top best free movie sites on which you can enjoy watching movies on your PC or Laptop or TV. Not only for PC users, these websites provide free movie apps where you can get access to free movies on your Android device. People who might have gone through some unwanted sites might think that trailers and some other video links have been placed under the name of the movie. But the list of Free movie websites which I have provided here will give the full-length movies. check the below list for Free Movie web sites online of 2017.

Free Movie Websites To Stream Movies Online:

There were many free movie websites that ask you to signup in order to enjoy watching movies. But the list of free movies sites furnished below will never ask you to sign in with any of your accounts. People who cannot afford to watch movies in a theater or who are busy with their weekly schedules or who love to watch a movie every day or who like to watch movies online can check out this article to find the hot stuff of latest movies. Deciding to watch a movie depends on various factors like a story of the movie, reviews given by viewers, duration of a movie, screen play, VFX effects. Some might give positive review while some other give negative. Though you have watched a particular movie in the theater sometimes it might be worth to watch for a second or third time. But all the time we cannot keep visiting theaters to watch a movie continuously. Instead, you can enjoy watching your favorite one by using Free movie websites. check here for all the latest information on free movie sites or free movie streaming websites.


Best Free Movie Websites:

1) NewMoviesOnline:

NewMoviesOnline is the best online movie streaming website that offers a wide range of latest movies. You need not visit theaters often if you know how to watch movies using NewMoviesOnline website. Though there were many exciting free movies websites, I have enrolled NewMoviesOnline Website as the first priority due to its outstanding features. The best user interface provided with this web will allow you to find your favorite ones in a single click. So you can enjoy watching all the latest content without any issues. You need not pay any amount to watch online movies and it is absolutely free. Hunt for your favorite movie using the search bar provided and check out the results supplied under your search. Don’t worry about the ads that come in-between while watching the movies or before browsing it. You can close all the ads so that you will not get disturbed while watching it. As this is the only the source from which website owners could get money, we cannot stop them.


Hulu is the second best free movie website that most of the people love to visit as it provides all the latest and hot stuff included in it. Though it is a paid movie website you can enjoy watching movies by switching on to the trial version. One who has plenty of amounts can buy premium version and enjoy watching all the latest movies. If you are not that much interested or unable to afford for premium version then enjoy using the trial version by updating your details at the end of the trial version every time. One best thing in Hulu movie website is, you will never get disturbed with irrelevant ads. Being a paid version Hulu will not annoy you by displaying ads on your device screen. Hulu will get updated automatically when the web owners update the latest movies. You can browse the content based on genres, old or new, categories etc. Hulu will serve the best to give you the classic collection of all the latest and old movies online.


There were many third party movie streaming websites to provide the best content but HouseMovie can give the better than the best results when you search for a particular movie. You can easily find your favorite list of movies by using HouseMovie. You can choose any movies by using various filters like action, animation, crime, thriller, adventure, adventure, comedy, drama, romance, music, mystery, emotional, sports etc. Check out the category to which the selected movie belongs to and get the accurate result for your search. The name of the websites itself states that you can watch your desired movie by sitting at your house. Generally, you will find a single link for the respective search but HouseMovie will give you 3 to 6 links that could redirect you to the movie page. Sometimes all the links may not work out, so you can choose the working link from those. Not only movies it can also provide the latest series of TV channels which you can access from anywhere all over the world.

4) PopcornFlix:

PopcornFlix is the another best flick that could propose all the latest movies online. Updating the list of latest movies is a floating process in the case of PopcornFlix website. As the oldest movies will be prioritized in the sub categories and the latest movies list will be displayed on the homepage of the website. One who is looking for free movie websites can choose PopcornFlix to get the freshest list of movies. More than 1500 movies are available on PopcornFlix website that covers drama, action, horror, emotional, romantic, animation,  family, friends, documentaries, comedy etc. So the user can easily pick up the desired one from the list provided on the website. You need not register or signup for any movie website. As it is free movie website, it renders all the data for free.  Whenever a new movie is released into the theaters, you can expect it on PopcornFlix at the earlier days when compared to other websites.

5) Veoh:

Want to get access to free videos and thousands of free movies? Then try using Veoh website where you can find all the needed content for free. I have categorized Veoh website under the list of free movie websites as it allows its users to watch all the classic movies including B-movies for free through online. One can easily sort any video at Veoh in order to find the latest movies, videos. Never worry about languages, because Veoh has joined the collection to provide movies of all the languages. You can resume the video and watch it later if you have busy schedule. Most of the times people visit a number of sites get bounced back when they cannot find their favorite ones. It does not happen in the case of Veoh as it is one among the best sites that always stay updated with the latest movies. Search for your fancied movies by tapping on the search bar and select the accurate movie for your search. To experience more features, check out the official website of Veoh. Whether the movies hosted on Veoh or embedded from any other websites, you can enjoy streaming them for free.

6) Crackle:

The best combination is to have stuff for eating like Popcorn or samosa on one side and favorite movie playing on your PC screen on the other side. I think this would be the most common zeal for every movie lover. Even people who are not much engaged in movies will love this combination to peaks. But this can happen only when you have the link to a free movie website. Out of all the free movie websites, I have found Cracle as the cool one to watch movies. However, other websites stated here also give you the best when you search for any content. Coming to my love for online movies directed me to go to this website. Crackle has the partnership with Sony Pictures and they have the list of thousands of full-length movies that are available for free. Providing high-quality content is the only aim of Crackle website and will automatically switch to your screen resolution when you try to watch the movies for free. Try to browse movies using Crackle free movie website so that you will find the real content that you are searching for.

7) Viewster:

Viewster is the best place to watch latest and oldest movies online for free. Viewster itself states that you can view each and every content that you wish to watch for free. You can find the huge collection of all the latest movies like Bahubali, Ninnu Kori in multiple languages for free of cost. Shocking one is you will also find the movies that you have not even aware of them earlier. It means not only popular movies but also the small budget films will be published on this website. One who is a fan of English movies can find the plenty of latest content like Galaxy Express, Hell Baby, North Star and much more for free. I am not at all bluffing something about Viwester website, if you have such doubts then check out the official website of Viewster so that everything will be clear. At the top of the website, you can find the list of movies categorized under various languages. This category will help you to find the movies of your prescribed language. Make sure that your device has minimum browsing speed for watching movies online. Unless you are connected to 1 Mbps internet, you cannot enjoy watching your favorite movie without buffering.

8) SnagFilms

It might be a bit clumsy when you have thousands of movies included on a single website. But SnagFilms will never confuse you and is the best free movie website to provide the perfect content for your search. All the latest, popular, oldest movies are available on SnagFilms website. So one can easily find the required film using the search button. I think you have gone through all the websites stated above. None of the websites have asked you to sign in or log in to their website in order to stream the content published by them. But SnagFilms will ask you to sign into it using your Google+ or Facebook or Twitter account. Any users who are concerned about his/ her safety will think for a minute whether to browse this website or not. But remember that signing in SnagFilms will never affect your account or device. So you can enjoy browsing this website without any issues and prove that entertainment has no limit when you have Snagfilms website access. Using sign in the option you can connect with your friends and see what movies they are watching.

9) YouTube Movies:

YouTube is the official website where you can find a number of movies but not the latest ones. But YouTube is the best stop for all the latest movie trailers and songs. You can get the list of latest updates movies but not the new ones. Though the list of all the websites stated here give you the latest stuff they are not legally provided. But YouTube movies are published on its site legally so that no one will claim any complaints on the website. People will not consider YouTube as the best website for watching online movies as it does not provide the latest content. But remember that all the other websites do not confirm the availability of any movies for longer days. Whenever any other free movie websites get copy right claims, you cannot find the particular movie on that website. Compared to other websites, YouTube can serve you the best with all the legal content. However, one who wishes to watch the latest movies can prefer all other websites stated here.

10) Free Movies Cinema: 

Free movies Cinema is a public domain that has a huge collection of independent movies in different categories like comedy, action, fantasy, horror, documentary, animation, family movies, drama, love, romantic etc. In addition to all the latest and free movies, you can also stream TV shows directly from the website. It means you can enjoy watching TV series or episodes when you are not at the reach of Television. Whenever the website holders get the latest movies updates, they change the homepage list and gives you the list of popular and latest ones. The movie quality of all the videos displayed on this website will vary from 144p to 1080p. So you can enjoy from low-quality videos to higher definition videos for free using Free Movies Cinema. Choose the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera with Adobe Flash Player, Safari to get the best experience while watching the movie. Other browsers may buffer continuously and disturb you regularly while watching the movie.


You cannot visit all the websites stated here daily so use the Google extension called RSS feed and subscribe to all the websites provided above. Whenever a new movie is published on any particular website, you will get notified easily. This will help you in getting the list of all the latest stuff published on all the free movie websites stated here. Hope you got the best and top list of Free movie websites. Suggest us if you have any other exciting online movie sites in the comment box.

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