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Want to know the Top 10 Hollywood Adventure Movies? Check this article an know best Hollywood Adventure Movies till date. Crime movies are a great way to entertain your mind. One can find good entertainment in this genre of movies. Your mind is constantly thinking about whether the criminal will get away with the crime, or get punished for it, or someone else gets blamed for it. The suspense gets more and more interesting as we get near the climax of the film. check here for Top 10 Hollywood Adventure Movies
In my opinion, everyone who lives thriller movies would pretty much like movies in the crime genre. Crime movies are full of adrenaline rushing scenes, epic fights and combats, emotional drama and what not! You can find each and every taste of cinematography in this genre of movies.

Best Hollywood Adventure Movies:

Cutting off the chase directly, here a list of top crime movies which are a must-watch blockbusters according to me. I hope you will find the list helpful. check best Hollywood Adventure Movies till date fom here.

#1. Suicide Squad

Suicide squad is the most awaited DC comics film that every single fan on the planet has been waiting for. The story starts when a secret government agency hires some of the most dangerous jailed criminals to form a defensive task force, with their first case leading to a potential apocalypse. Suicide squad is a recent release, and the movie has broken all Box-Office records. Just buckle up on your beds and enjoy this amazing blockbuster.


#2. War Dogs

Another hit release from the year 2016, War Dogs, is a movie based on the actual story of two young men, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli, who won a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm America’s allies in Afghanistan. The movie offers some great mind-intriguing entertainment based on its storyline. The movie has a good sound score which makes it more exceptional. The film is highly enjoyable and funny in parts, but this is not a comedy film, it is perfectly paced with some great scenes like the duo gun-running across the triangle of death and some nice camera work


#3. Now you see me.

This movie is one of the best ones I’ve ever watched, however, the reason it is on number #3 is that this concept is not widely used in Hollywood, and not many people understand it fully. This movie, however, is mindbending with its VFX edits. This movie actually shows the level of Hollywood VFX edits. The movie was a great fun and entertaining for me; I would rate it 9/10 because the concept is great and definitely a one which should be explored on big screen. Just remember, the closer you look, the less you will actually see.


#4. Fast and Furious 7

The latest sequel the Fast and Furious series is a great mix of action and exceptional acting by the characters. The story takes some unreal and badass twists. This movie is a lot different from the previous ones, this movie had some unbelievable stunts and some beautiful camera shots, all thanks to the director of the movie, James Wan. The fight scenes are excellent. The fight scene between Statham and The Rock is one of the best in the whole Fast and Furious series. If you haven’t watched the Fast and Furious series yet, I bet you have missed a lot of action and crime drama.


With this, I come to and end to my list of top crime movies. I hope you will enjoy all my recommendations to the core. If you want more recommendations, feel free to contact me through the Contact Us page or comment below, and I will be more than happy to help you with more recommendations. Also, if you feel that I’m missing any of your favorite movies, feel free to start a discussion below, and I will add the movie to the list once I review it. Till then, Stay tuned.

Updated: August 28, 2017 — 1:04 pm

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