Top 10 Best Inspirational Movies All Time

Inspirational Movies: Getting Inspired by movies change us more in our life, but only movies help you to the right path in your life. Here is the list of Top 10 Inspirational Movies All Time to find your right path. check all the movies which inspired many people all over the globe. below given are the best Inspirational Movies of all time.

Top 10 Most Inspirational Movies All Time

  1. Forrest Gump
  2. The Shawshank Redemption
  3. Rocky
  4. The Pursuit of Happiness
  5. The Blind Side
  6. 3 Idiots
  7. Braveheart
  8. Remember the Titans
  9. Good Will Hunting
  10. It’s A Wonderful Life
  • Forrest Gump – Released in 1994

Forrest Gump is an Inspirational, Drama and Comedy film where you can find the true love and many historic moments in the movie. This film got highest ratings in 1994 with vast collections. You will surely get inspired by the movie, and you want to be the part of Vietnam war.

  • The Shawshank Redemption – Released in 1994

This film is a Crime and Drama with more inspirational scenes. The quote “Get busy living, or get busy dying” will inspire you as you watch the movie. You can see amazing acting by Tim Robbins and Andy Freeman the main roles of the film. These two get prisoned for many years, and they share their life experiences.

  • Rocky – Released in 1990

Most Influential and Inspirational American classic movie of all time. This is a Drama and Sports movie in which you the hero will be a Boxing player, and then he retires from boxing and suffers a lot with money it goes on. It’s worth to watch, and it will be the best movie to remember.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness – Released in 2006

This story tells you about the person who struggles for life and works as a salesman and then sets a life-changing professional career. You can learn many lessons from this movie as it guides you to challenge the situation and override it easily. this is yet another Inspirational Movie from hollywood

  • The Blind Side – Released in 2009

A Biography, Drama and Sports movie from John Lee Hancock. A true story of Michael Oher, who has no home to live and struggled more in his life and became an All American Football Player. Worth to watch a whelming heart movie to enlight people to help.

  • 3 Idiots – Released in 2009

Most Adventures, Comedy, and Drama movie which runs between three friends. It’s really inspirational to the young talents who are pursuing their degree and struggling in their life. This gives you positive energy to work hard and succeed in your life. Work for life and follow the passion. this is another best Inspirational Movie that came from the makers od bollywood.

  • BraveHeart – Released in 1995

It is also a Biography, Drama, History of an English soldier Willians fought against Englands King Edward who tried to rape his bride. This movie tells you about how to stick to your principles in the current life. It also motivates you to struggle in life to succeed.

  • Remember the Titans – Released in 2000

A Biography, Drama and Sports movie of newly appointed African-American Coach and with his school team about their first session. It teaches more moral values and the importance of having each other in our life. this is also the best Inspirational Movie of all time.

  • Good Will Hunting – Released in 1997

The full story is about Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT but has some lag in his mathematics and finds help from Psychologist to find a way in his life. Helps you get the results easily from others. You can ask help from others to succeed in life.

  • It’s a Wonderful Life – Released in 1946

The story is about An Angel who has come from Heaven to help the businessman who has frustrated with his work. This Angel helps him to work with peace of mind and makes his growth in his business. You can get time to watch the movie and grateful as the human being.

these are the best Inspirational Movies available till date in hollywood and bollywood. hope you loved these Inspirational Movies list.

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